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Youth Employment Opportunities

Tennessee's Youth Employment Program (YEP) links ambitious young adults aged 14-24 with employers in diverse industries across Tennessee. Participants dive into hands-on workforce experiences, gaining invaluable skills and test-driving future careers while earning up to $4,000 along the way. This year-round program from the state of Tennessee offers much more than youth job opportunities — it teaches lifelong and life-changing skills. YEP is THE vibe to thrive in the workforce.

  • HOW MUCH: UP TO $4,000
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For youth

Get Paid To Adult

Every career rockstar started as a rookie, and YEP is your ultimate training ground. Take charge of your future, tailor your work experience to fit your goals, and earn up to $4,000. What do you have to lose? Build your skills, your network, and your dreams with YEP.


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First Jobs Lead To Lasting Success

YEP isn't just another internship; it's a paid job that instills discipline and vital soft skills. By encouraging youth to participate, you're helping tomorrow's business leaders cultivate the confidence, resilience, and adaptability needed to thrive in today's dynamic career fields.

  • Guaranteed Resume Builder
  • Instills Responsibility
  • Supports Career Readiness
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For employers

Now Hiring: Tomorrow’s CEOs

From local “mom-and-pop shops” to Fortune 100s, Tennessee-based businesses can uncover a pipeline of motivated young talent through YEP. Our program is designed to create meaningful employment opportunities for young individuals by matching employers with talent who align perfectly with their business requirements.

  • State-Paid Labor
  • Talent Pipeline
  • No Admin Hassle

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Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the benefit for youth to participate in YEP?

    YEP is the ultimate training ground for young adults, providing the perfect opportunity to explore career paths and prepare for your future. While enrolled in the program, participants will gain valuable work experience and get paid while doing it.

    What are the eligibility requirements to participate?

    Young adults aged 14-24 are eligible to participate.

    Will participants be paid for their work, if so, how much?

    Participants can earn a maximum payout of up to $4,000.

    Can you guarantee all participants a job?

    We cannot guarantee a job, but we work with local area employers and try to match youth and employers as best as we can.

    Can my short-term job turn into a long-term employment opportunity?

    Of course! You are hired as an employee of the company; the state is not your employer. You could be opened up to long-term employment with that employer! This can be an on-ramp to a career pathway that you enjoy and could even result in certifications, paid learning opportunities, apprenticeship programs, etc., with that employer.

    How can I sign up to participate?

    To apply for YEP, submit this form.

  • Parents

    How does YEP benefit my child?

    YEP isn’t just another internship; it’s a paid job that instills discipline and vital soft skills. Participation in the program builds your child’s resume, instills structure and responsibility, and prepares them for their future, all while earning their own money. Their temporary employment can also lead to permanent opportunities.

    What types of jobs or internships are available through the program?

    YEP offers a wide range of job opportunities across diverse industries in Tennessee. YEP provides a platform for young adults to explore various career paths.

    Will my child be paid for their work, and if so, how much?

    Participants can earn up to $4,000.

    How can my child sign up to participate?

    Participants can apply for YEP by submitting this form.


    How does participating in YEP benefit my company or organization?

    Businesses can uncover a pipeline of motivated young talent through YEP. Employers gain a part-time employee while the state covers the costs. This could lead to a future full-time employee, once the maximum payout has been reached by the participant.

    Who oversees the youth while they work for a company?

    The youth is the employee of the company, and the company would be in charge as it is any of their other employees. The State of Tennessee does not manage or assist with hiring or firing of participants that are enrolled in this program.

    Do Federal and State laws apply to this grant?

    Yes. All Federal and State child laws apply to this grant.

    How many participants can work for my company?

    This program does not have a minimum or maximum number, but we will ensure that work is available for the participants and there is room for proper management by the employer.

    Will participating in the program require any additional administrative tasks or reporting on our part?

    We’ll handle the paperwork. Program administrators handle the legwork from enrollment to insurance, and reimbursement, ensuring a hassle-free experience for employers.

    How do I sign up to participate?

    To enroll your business in YEP, submit this form.

Boss Moves Only

We've assembled a public toolkit for participants, parents, employers and our workforce partners across the state to share and show off their involvement in YEP. Whether you are looking for social media content or flyers, these resources will help us spread the word across The Volunteer State.

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Youth And Employers:
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YEP is designed to create a win-win for employers and motivated youth. When young adults have an opportunity to develop essential skills, gain practical work experience and contribute to their communities, Tennessee's economy and its employers thrive. Enrollment is open year-round so sign up today.

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